Ormside Mill Bookings

Ormside Mill Bookings

Ormside Mill in 2022

Adventure activity residential trips

We believe that outdoor pursuits enable young people to build new skills, resilience, teamwork and generally have some fun. The Greater Manchester Youth Federation’s review of activities has led us to a decision to invest more of time and resources into using Ormside Mill. The Trustees have decided to fund 40 nights at the Mill for our affiliated clubs during 2022/23 . 

The costing and logistics

The 40 funded nights have already been pre-booked at Ormside Mill and we have selected times for our visits that coincide with school holidays when young people may be most bored. We will be working on a first come first serve basis. 

The prebooked dates are:

  • BOOKED Friday 27th May – Sunday 5th June 2022 (May half term)
  • BOOKED Friday 29th July – Sunday 31st July (Summer holidays)
  • Monday 1st August – Friday 5th August (Summer holidays)
  • BOOKED Friday 5th August – Sunday 14th August (Summer holidays)
  • Friday 21st October – Sunday 30th October (October half term)

Ormside Mill can comfortably accommodate 12 young people 2 supervisory adults and is recommended to stay a minimum of 2 nights.

Other costs

GMYF will fund the cost of the accommodation at Ormside Mill and the club will need to consider how they fund the other costs.

  • Cost of activities (see indicative pricing of activities on the last page)
  • Food (self-catering)
  • Transport



Our Duke of Edinburgh and Club’s Engagement Officer Grace will be able to help you book an incredible trip, help guide you in organising logistics and can be available for the trip to help lead on outdoor activities alongside the outdoor instructors at Ormside Mill.

 The prices below are indicative, as group size, the nature of the activity, location and kit equipment all needs to be considered. Please note that the price guide is based on a group of 12 young people and 2 adults. 14 is the maximum group number where only one instructor is needed. If the group goes over this number, in most activities a 2nd instructor will be needed. For some of those activities, Grace will be able to act as a 2nd instructor with the permission of Ormside Mill, reducing the cost.